Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We are moving  again, to Paige's mom and dads house. Turns out they need a house sitter for 1-2 years while the are in London for business... This post is boring, but I bet if it gets enough comments and/or views I could get Paige to spice it up and add all the fun bloggy stuff that she does. so... comment away!

and a picture for good measure. (ever blog post has to have a picture right?)

-Colton out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

We Moved!

So, I know my last post said we weren't moving until December... but SURPRISE! We moved about 3 weeks ago :) Here's the background of it all...

So one delightful day Colton and I were driving around Provo. I DESPISE fall/winter traffic in Provo. There's just WAY too many people for my liking. So I said to Colton "We have GOT to get out of Provo!!!" Well, not even 2 minutes later Colton's phone rang, and it was the guy who owns the apartment we moved into, telling us it was opening up early! Needless to say, we were very excited about it :) 

So, we hurried and sold our contract to the apartment we were in, packed up all our crap, and moved to American Fork! It's all put together except pictures on the walls... so I'm not going to take any pictures until that is done. But really, it's a great apartment. HUGE, really.

The best part about this move?

  1. I got to quit work. (It's a long drive to Spanish Fork from here... not really worth it. Plus, kind of a stressful job for a pregnant lady. Plus, I'm doing a bit of babysitting for our landlord... and it would've interfered with work)
Here's what we've purchased thus far:

 This lovely dresser....

 Along with this one. This is what we'll use as the changing table.
 This mosquito net/ Canopy. I've always wanted to put one over the crib :)

And we have yet to purchase this... but at least I know which one I want!! The lovely crib :) 

Oh, and all is well with our little baby girl :) I get super freaked out when I don't feel much kicking (which is pretty much always, since I'm only 25 weeks), but she kicks just enough that I know she's there! Love her already :) 

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's a....


We decided to pay the extra money for the early detection at 16 weeks, and while we realize waiting until 20 weeks would be more accurate... the ultrasound tech was pretty darn confident that we're having a baby girl. (Baby girl was very open with us.... so... we're pretty sure, too ;) 

Since we've found out, all I do is think about decorating a nursery. I even had a dream about it last night. I just can't help it. Too bad we're moving right before baby girl is born so I won't actually HAVE a nursery to decorate for awhile... but until then, I'll plan :) 

Here is what I have been thinking... grey and yellow.

This, with a cute yellow flower. Also, I'm obsessed with chevron.
A chevron patterned bumper, and RUFFLES. LOVE.
 This is just cute and girly, and can't be TOO hard to make :)

 Maybe I'll make some cute pillows...
 Or a wreath.
 Or maybe this wreath.
 This nursery will DEFINITELY have some ruffles going on somewhere.
I LOVE the chevron wall. And I'm also loving the bits of coral and blue....
I love the pom-poms above the crib!
 And I am a huge fan of how the name is done here. Only, our cute baby girls will say LILLIA :) 

So... grey, yellow, white... and should I add in some coral? Blue?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well, now that everyone knows I'm {pregnant}... it's a lot of fun :) I am now 14 weeks (yay for being done with the first trimester!!), and have high hopes of getting back my energy one of these days.

For the longest time all Colton and I could think of were girl names. And all that I'm drawn to is girl clothes. Because of this we have basically decided we are destined to have a boy, which is great :) I guess we'll find out in a few weeks, though. I can't wait!! I just want to start shopping for this cute baby!!

Also, for those of you that have asked... I am {due January 5th}, and no my pants don't really fit anymore :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Everyone Says it's Worth it....

I guess we'll find out this coming January...

 Our little grape at the ultrasound last week :)

 P.S... you're welcome, Mom, now you can talk to people about it :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Blogging is really hard for me. It's not because I'm lacking in time, or even in stuff to blog about. I just struggle (probably with more than just blogging).

With that disclaimer out of the way, here's a little update on us...

Colton is still going to school and working at Mr. Mac. Need a new suit? Go see him! (I feel no shame in my advertising for him ;) He is still the primary chorister in our ward, and he does SUCH a good job at it. The kids all LOVE him. Now that I have finally convinced him that we need food storage he is all sorts of into preparedness stuff. We filled his car full of food storage last week...

Colton was kind enough to give up his bedroom (aka our spare bedroom...aka his gaming room....) to house our food storage. He's a good guy :)

I'm still working at New Haven. Lots of new adventures every single day. I've learned to expect the unexpected, that's for sure. I have so many crazy stories I could share... but I don't even know where to begin. Lets just say that if there is a hold/ restraint that needs to go down, odds are I'm right there involved in it. Now the question is... does this mean I'm a good staff? Or that I'm doing something wrong to always have holds going on around me? Hmmmmm... who knows.

I'm still in primary, but I'm now the 1st counselor. It's a fun new change--and yet I get to stay right in primary where I am comfortable. Our poor primary chorister keeps trying to get me to release him... but I personally enjoy having him in primary where I can keep an eye on him ;)

Ok, so maybe our lives are kinda boring... and there is nothing really new to report on... but now none of you can complain to me about my lack of blogging! :)

Also, I love this....
And this....

I think I really have a thing for Uchtdorf's talks.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The day has finally come. Tomorrow I get to see "The Vow." I hope you are all jealous right about now, because you probably should be :)

Ok, not true. I'm VERY happily married. But this made me laugh when I saw it :)

I will let you know if it was worth the insane amount of money to see it in theaters on the weekend. Colton is skeptical--but I'm sure I'll love it. It better not disappoint!